Can CBD oil help cure addiction?

Can CBD oil help cure addiction?

Both alcohol and cannabinoids act on the human body through the endocannabinoid system. This fact can be used to treat addiction, including alcohol, drugs or other behavioural addictions. Cannabidiol (CBD) turns out to be the main ally in therapy.

Cannabidiol (CBD), as the main non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from hemp for years, is of interest to the scientific community. Subsequent laboratory tests, as well as clinical tests, show that cannabidiol can be an effective agent in the treatment of a number of health problems – including those of a neurological or psychiatric nature.

Quite recently it was in the centre of interest of researchers looking for drugs that support addiction therapy. In this case, CBD oil can be a hit. Studies in mice and rats have shown that its use helps combat the effects of addiction withdrawal and helps maintain sobriety.  

CBD oil supports addiction therapy

Taking a drug or alcohol stimulates the reward system in the brain. As a result, pain is suppressed but pleasure is better felt, and the mood improves. This mechanism leads to addiction. The body demands more and more frequent doses of a given drug.

Can we somehow prevent the dopamine injection that is caused by taking an addictive substance? It turns out that at least in the case of mice receiving opioids – you can. University of Mississippi researchers divided the animals into groups. The control was given saline and the test one was given morphine, which is highly addictive.

Both groups of mice received cannabidiol simultaneously at a dose of 10 mg/kg body weight. The study showed that CBD given together with morphine blocks the psychoactive effect of the drug, thereby protecting animals from falling into morphine addiction. Click here to find out what cannabidiol (CBD) is

Cannabidiol protects against addiction relapse

This thesis was proved in laboratory conditions by the team from Scripps Research Institute in California. They tested laboratory rats. The animals had previously been addicted to alcohol and cocaine. For seven consecutive days, cannabidiol was given to them, and then tested for the desire to return to consumption of alcohol and cocaine.

They also studied their level of anxiety, susceptibility to stress and a tendency to react impulsively. It turned out that the weekly treatment effectively reduced both withdrawal symptoms and the desire to return to addiction. This effect continued for five months after the end of therapy.

CBD oil in the treatment of addictions

The research results cited above are very promising for the use of CBD in addiction prevention therapy and supportive addiction therapy. However, the use of CBD oil for addiction as a constant standard and an alternative to conventional medicine is still a long way away. 



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