CBD oil for dogs, cats and hippos!

CBD oil for dogs, cats and hippos!

Can CBD have as strong and positive effects on pet health as it has on humans?

It turns out that almost all organisms on Earth, and certainly all animals have an endocannabinoid system that can be stimulated by CBD in a similar way to humans. The natural therapeutic power of CBD will be effective for both an ant and an elephant!

For many of us, our animals are family members. They don’t judge when you make a mistake, or they don’t get mad when you get home too late. They are happy to see you and still excited about eating the same thing for dinner every day. If only we could feel the same! 

However, like us, pets get sick from time to time and can use natural supplements to help alleviate the symptoms of their ailments. A regular dose of CBD oil in the animal’s diet is an ideal preventive measure.

Hemp itself is a complex plant that contains a lot of substances, including cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have very promising properties that can support our body’s health. So far, research has shown that CBD can be potentially effective in combating certain types of seizures, pain, nausea, anxiety, stress and gastrointestinal problems and cancer. CBD can have a positive effect on our health by helping us and our four-legged friends in a similar way. 

CBD supplements made from organic cannabis grown in the EU are not psychoactive substances and will not have a negative impact on the animal’s brain or central nervous system. Instead, CBD oils are a groundbreaking discovery among those seeking natural ways to provide their beloved furry friends with disease relief. They help to improve overall health. 

Fish oil and omega acids

Let’s start with fish oil. The key ingredients you need in fish oil are omega-3 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Sometimes shortened to EFA (essential fatty acids). It is important in this case to make sure that these fatty acids are omega-3. Other omega do not have the same health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids are mainly derived from fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, anchovies and albacore tuna.

What are the benefits of omega-3 fish oil? Here are some examples:

• Increased endurance
• Healthy skin and fur
• Stronger immune system
• Helps retain moisture in dry, irritated skin
• Reduce inflammation

The use of omega-3 oils alone can be very beneficial for our animals. Although in some cases fitness improvement may not be enough. In addition, healthy skin and fur are an important part of your pet’s well-being. Not to mention that increased immunity saves costly visits to veterinarians. It also provides something that you can’t buy for money – peace of mind for pet owners.

CBD oil for animals – dogs, cats, and many other pets

Although fish oil is an effective remedy in itself, the icing on the cake is the addition of CBD oil. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that such oil can provide. The first and most important thing to repeat about CBD is that it is not psychoactive. Under no circumstances will it lead the animal to the level of “departure” or threaten it in any other way. Concerns about this are probably the biggest blockade for pet owners. Varieties of hemp contain only trace amounts of THC, often 0.2% or less. And this negligible concentration of THC is removed during the treatment process.

The scope of the positive impact of CBD oil on animals includes:

• Pain relief
• Relief of anxiety
• Reduction of nausea and digestive disorders symptoms
• Fighting and alleviating their symptoms
• Reduction of inflammation
• Good effect on the heart
• Good effect on the nervous system
• No observed adverse side effects

The benefits of using CBD are starting to fall into stacks, presenting this cannabinoid as one of the most powerful dietary supplements on the market. Introducing it to a pet’s balanced diet can be extremely beneficial to the overall health of any cat or dog. This is due to the unique way CBD engages the animal’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is an extensive matrix of receptors located in the brain and body. While both humans and pets produce their own endocannabinoids to activate ECS, CBD can be used to stimulate and enhance communication between cells, supporting the animal’s body on many levels . With such a wide range of benefits, it’s time to also support our four-legged friends with CBD supplementation.   

Dedicated CBD preparations designed specifically for animals –

Domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, have similar cannabinoid receptors as humans do, which allow their bodies to respond in a manner comparable to ours. Many people already practice using CBD oils in animals, but not all products are created equal. That is why the Swiss manufacturer Cibdol has introduced a dedicated line of CBD oils for animals. 

The new oils have a concentrated 4% CBD in combination with omega-rich fish oil and vitamin E. Cibapet CBD oil is an excellent supplement that helps keep the animal in the best condition. Reaping the therapeutic benefits of CBD and combining them with the already well-proven health effects of fish oil with added vitamins and trace elements can be a very good recipe for health and longevity. Not only mammals such as dogs, cats or horses, but also rodents, birds, reptiles, and even fish and insects can benefit from CBD health properties! Hippos too!


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