Deep Sentinel Home Security 2020 Review

Deep Sentinel Home Security 2020 Review

Hello, this is Deep Sentinel Security. You have no reason to be on this property. Sir in the brown jacket, drop the package. Your image is being recorded and the police have been notified

Deep Sentinel Security System Guard

This is a security system like one we have never seen before. Deep Sentinel Smart Home Security System is an all-in-one monitoring solution. It uses cameras, predictive AI, machine learning and real-time human intervention. It is one that we rated the highest out of home security systems. Even the residential alarm companies couldn’t react that fast.

The Deep Sentinel System has quite a few pros that we’ve never seen before. And a couple of cons. Let’s get into the things that we found out and some awesome features.

What do you receive with the Deep Sentinel Security System?

We received three cameras and a hub in our package. The cameras are all 1080p resolution, a 130-degree field of view and night vision that can see as far as 35 feet. They are all wireless and require just a single screw there are no wires and the single screw to mount them. It makes the setup really easy to do.

How long does the battery in Deep Sentinel System last?

The battery lasts up to two months but it depends on usage. Obviously, if you have more alerts coming in you won’t get full two months. The good news is this – switching out batteries is a very simple process. The back just screws off and you slide the battery in. The whole process takes about a minute.

Does Deep Sentinel really use AI?

The cameras give you everything you need to monitor your home. But what is different about this home security system is the intelligent hub. The footage is recorded locally on the intelligent hub. You get 64 gigabytes of storage.

The good thing is the AI only records when it’s necessary and that eliminates useless footage. It allows you to have up to six months of storage.

You can set up motion events and notifications in the app and Deep Sentinel System notifies you when something actually occurs (so you won’t get phantom notifications). The AI system is adaptive and it is in fact learning.

The very first day we were getting a lot of phantom notifications, but the next day we received only one. And then the following day after that we didn’t get any. The AI is recognizing that movement is a non-suspicious event and it just doesn’t tell you about it. It might be something simple like a leaf going through our yard.

What happens when someone tries to break in?

Fastest reaction time for intrusions.

When an actual intrusion is detected, the video is recorded on the hub’s hard drive. The Deep Sentinel hub has a Snapdragon 820 processor and it analyzes the video in real-time and it is able to distinguish between suspicious and normal activity. But unlike, for example, Swann Security System, it sends a signal to the security guard and he or she reacts.

Let’s say someone is bringing food to your house. Deep Sentinel recorded the activity and an agent monitored it. You can see the notification in the app.

How we tested the Deep Sentinel?

We did do a little test with someone that the camera didn’t recognize. My husband in disguise tried to take a package off our porch. The Deep Sentinel woke up instantly. The camera started flashing red and there was a person on the other end telling him to stop and put the package back.

No other system identifies threats in less than 10 seconds. Even before the threat happens. It allows the Deep Sentinel Guards to intervene 24/7 when necessary.

This is a proactive approach to securing your home. A lot of systems are reactive. Your door gets kicked in or window gets smashed and the alarm goes off.

Deep Sentinel System starts to monitor the premise as soon as it sees an interaction and prevents it from happening.

There’s never a house that you can’t break into, but you want to minimize the risk.

It is like having your own guards around your house. Like having executive protection. Real people, not machines, that are able to assess the situation and act accordingly.

How does it work?

Once the AI detects a legitimate threat the cameras line up with a strobing red ring and that signals that the video is recording. Even that red ring is enough to grab someone’s attention. I mean it is a red flashing light. That could be a bit overwhelming for someone who’s up to no good.

At this point, an agent is actually watching every step of the suspicious person and they make a decision to intervene or not. If an intervention is required, agents can pop on the line and talk to that person. They can also sound a hundred and four decibels alarm and they can contact law enforcement to report a crime in progress if necessary. Because live Sentinel agents are actually watching the crime in progress, it is a higher priority with most police departments. So you get a faster reaction from the police.

Why it is better than all residential alarm companies?

It’s much better than a regular system, where your house safety depends on your coverage. If you’re on a plane or abroad, you don’t always have an option to stay connected. With a system like Deep Sentinel, you don’t have to be connected all the time. There is someone watching over your house 24/7. And it doesn’t have to be a security system company near you.

For someone that wants the best security and wants to protect their family in the best way possible, it’s the best affordable house alarm system with cameras. What is better than having someone watch your doors for you?

These cameras are made to be outside, protecting your house, protecting your belongings and protecting your family. They are high-quality cameras with extremely loud sirens. They use AI to analyze video frame by frame, monitoring. One of the best secure and innovative home systems on the market.

Obviously a person could still run-up to a house and kick the door in, but if you want that extra layer of security and you want something to actively protect your house – Deep Sentinel is a great option.

Pros Cons
Easy to set up. as simple as placing a battery in the camera and pressing the button on the back. Mounting only needs one screw to go up. Connectivity (easily resolved with a stronger router)
The app. Clean interface and easy to control the cameras. Every event shows up in a carousel at the top of the app. Batteries. It is not a major concern, after w weeks the batteries are on 87%, but it would be nice if you could connect them to a socket.
The red ring. It blinks every time it detects someone. It shows it is active and recording.  
Guards. The speakers are awesome and the guard’s voice is clear and strong. And you get a notification every time a guard spoke to someone on the porch.  
Customer Support. We had a problem with our HUB after connecting it for the first time but it was promptly resolved by Janet from Deep Sentinel and it worked ever since.  


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