Why won’t you find good CBD oil on Amazon?

Why won’t you find good CBD oil on Amazon?

FDA raises an important issue in its update for consumers, namely the issue of quality control. There are many bad companies that want to make money quickly, so it’s important to do research before buying.

The worst place to buy CBD products is Amazon. According to the announcement of the Organic & Natural Health Association, 2019, Amazon’s rules prohibit the sale of CBD products, but after entering “CBD” in the search engine, thousands of products matching that term appear.

The reason is that Amazon allows sellers to tag their products with any words – including terms that are prohibited by their own rules.

Amazon also allows sellers to buy advertising space for CBD products, although the site does not actually allow the sale of CBD products. To investigate this paradox, the Organic & Natural Health Association has hired an external laboratory to test the product, which is a bestseller on Amazon, New Age Premium Hemp Oil 1000 MG, for the presence of cannabinoids.

This seems to be a clear violation of Amazon’s rules, and the product contains approximately 1% CBD (7.7 milligrams of CBD per 30 drops). However, it does not contain CBD information on the label.

As mentioned, companies can’t put CBD content on the label if they want to legally sell hemp oil, and that really puts consumers in a difficult position because it’s unclear how much CBD hemp oil you are buying contains.

“It’s really important for consumers to know that because Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD products, there are no reputable CBD selling companies on this site”

Karen Howard, CEO of Organic & Natural Health

Amazon claims it has banned the sale of CBD supplements on its site, but instead allows CBD advertising and tagging, supporting consumers buying products that the FDA warns …

Basically, society is cheated twice. First of all, the best-selling product on Amazon – New Age Premium Hemp Oil – contains CBD, although this information is not provided on the label. Secondly, people looking for CBD products are misled when buying products containing zero CBD. “

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